AAA Architecture is a generic name but our work is not. The name symbolizes our belief that our work and the values embodied within it should stand for itself without branding or superlatives. Each of our projects is a carefully tailored response to a unique set of circumstances. We work past preconceptions to arrive at artistic solutions to our clients’ needs and desires, while also considering the needs of the environment and our broader society.

Randolph R. Ruiz created AAA to work directly with clients to develop contemporary, engaging, and environmentally responsible places, spaces, and objects. AAA has produced award winning work that has been featured in print, exhibitions, and online.

We take inspiration from his home state’s rich geography, history, and architecture. California has been an incubator for some of the greatest developments in modern architectural history – a legacy that AAA seeks to maintain.


Brett Hayes – Business Owner

I have the highest recommendation for this guy! He was very accommodating to my situation and made every attempt to be right there when I needed his talents. I don't think my project would have been possible if I had not found this guy. Randy is a well grounded Architect and really responsive to who hires him.


Randy Ruiz of AAA Architecture is a wonderful modernist architect. From a challenging site, he developed an amazing program and modern design, fulfilling our vision for our home. The selection of materials, including walls of glass, CMU block and charred cedar, are thoughtfully blended together resulting in clean lines and warmth throughout. His attention to modern detailing tied everything together like a fine Swiss watch. The inside to out relationships expand the living space and accentuate the panoramic views beyond, all while maintaining privacy from neighboring properties.

Henry Baum – Niles Canyon Railway President

AAA Architecture has been extremely valuable to our organization, and has developed numerous concepts and designs for our future developments. Their designs are creative, and focus on meeting our needs, being attractive to the community, blending in with our historic venue, and being scalable. Designs are flexible to work within our budget constraints, which are shown to be well understood.

Working with our volunteer base is always a challenge, and the utmost respect and acceptance to comment is always taken with grace and calmness. The extent of the homework done to ensure each project meets our specific historic needs and the thoroughness of the review process make dealing with AAA a pleasant experience.

Pete Silvestri – Homeowner

I hired Randy to design an A-Frame Cabin. The entire project is near completion and I have had a wonderful time working with Randy. He brought his professionalism to every phase of the project. He formed fruitful relationships with my Contractor, Construction Crew, Local Building Dept, etc...

Randy dedicated himself to my project from beginning to end, he made personal trips to my site (3 hours from his offices) many times to meet with the Contractor and Crew. His attention to detail is unrivaled and his passion for the project seeped into all who are part of it.

I couldn't have asked for a more professional, passionate, detailed oriented person to be a large part of my A-Frame Cabin project. I would highly recommend Randy if you are looking for a professional Architect in the bay area and beyond!

Benjamin Parco - Colleague

I am a friend, and colleague of Randy's. We met over 20 years ago and over the years have worked together in many settings, big and small.

Throughout these decades I have found Randy to easily be one of the most talented, thoughtful, diligent, and trustworthy people that I have known. Anyone would be lucky to have Randy as their architect. They just don't get much better.

Josh Jakus – Automatic Arts

Randy and I have been colleagues for about 15 years and during this time I have seen a few of his projects from start to finish. As a design professional myself, I have been impressed with the way that Randy works with clients and also by the projects he has completed.

Randy is committed to understanding a client's needs and clearly communicating how different design options might address those needs. He often finds unique and elegant solutions for site planning and program issues. Also, he has an impressive knowledge of construction techniques, finishes, and fixtures.

I would highly recommend working with Randy and AAA Architecture if you want an interesting and timeless design for your home, remodel, addition, or commercial project.