Pentagon National Memorial

A grove of 184 trees honors each of the victims of the September 11 attack on the Pentagon. South of the grove, a procession begins at the entry plaza. This space is provided for gatherings and as a place of transition to the journey of remembrance.

The location of the tragedy can be seen from the plaza reflected upon the face of a stainless steel wall set within the grove. Leading to this wall, the Passage of Reflection is a simple space for individual reflection. Lining the path, names are inter-layed into glass panels set at a 45 degree angle; allowing the visitor to reflect upon those lost as seen suspended in the reflections of the present.

The path brings the visitor to a reflecting pool placed in an opening in the Memorial Grove that marks the terminal path of Flight 77. Within the reflecting pool sits the stainless steel wall reflecting the façade of the Pentagon and the environment around it. At the pinnacle of the Path of Reflection, the visitors are shown themselves as they stand in the context of this tragedy. Here, each visitor can internalize the memorial and personalize it.


  • Arlington, Virginia


  • Competition


  • Juror's Selection


  • Claudette Bleijenberg


  • 2002