Rubix Residence

Randolph Ruiz developed the details and construction drawings for this small house with Jones, Partners: Architecture for a company called Hometta. The construction drawings for this distinctive design were available to purchase from Hometta, which specialized in providing complete construction drawings for architecturally distinctive mid-sized homes.

This straightforward, elemental design balances rich spatial experience with construction simplicity on three levels in a tight, highly efficient package with an ultra-small footprint, leaving more space for the yard. The first and smallest in a series of modular designs inspired by the spatial dynamism of alternating volumes, this design interchanges open and closed areas, single- and double-height spaces, solid and glazed walls, and public and private programs in a regular foursquare organization. Through this spatial strategy, the zoning and diversity expected in a much larger house are achieved. This is expressed on the exterior with a similarly dynamic alternation of glass and corrugated metal panels, systematized by quadrant with consistent, cost-saving details, to give the house a varied texture and visual complexity belying its simple cubic volume.


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