My name is Randolph R. Ruiz, but you can call me Randy. I want to help you make the world a better place. Architecture can do this in ways that few disciplines can by creating sustainability, beauty, connection, and opportunity.

I started AAA Architecture to help people build something special. I work with my clients to think through the big picture issues and create detail-oriented designs that resolve these issues.

Most of our clients have never hired an architect before. We are ready to help you through a process that is both challenging and immensely rewarding. The satisfaction that comes with making a place in the world that is special and meaningful is indescribable.




AAA operates throughout California with projects in over a dozen cities across the state.

Northern California

150 Haight Street #501

San Francisco CA 94102


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Few people know exactly what they want or need. We can help our clients prioritize their objectives into a feasible set of project goals. Our experience and knowledge of how things are built, and how people inhabit these spaces gives us valuable insights that can help you to determine what is essential.

We have started many of our projects with an analytical planning phase upon which a successful design process can be founded.


Beyond the realms of building and real estate, lies Architecture. One of humanity’s highest forms of artistic and functional expression, Architecture has a unique potential to create human connections and experiences. What we build is one of the ultimate declarations of what we value. What do you value?

We provide the full range of architectural services from Pre-Design through Construction Administration

Interior Design

The spaces you inhabit are defined by surfaces and objects that each tell a story of use and intent. These things that you touch and view should be tools to help bring comfort, order, and usefulness to your world.

We have provided a range of Interior Design services including custom furniture, color selection, acoustic treatments, and exhibit design.


Randolph R. Ruiz

I work directly with our clients to design places that are contemporary, engaging, and environmentally responsible. My passion for architecture drives me to constantly seek opportunities to make our work better both artistically and functionally.

I have worked on a diverse array of building-types from restaurants and residences, to theaters and office towers, and am a Senior Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco.

I’ve been licensed to practice architecture in California since 2005 (#C30117).

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AIA East Bay: Exceptional Residential Honor Award



National Concrete Masonry Association Award of Merit



AIA East Bay Home Tour



Orange Empire Railway Museum, President’s Award for Volunteer Service


Pasadena/Foothill AIA Merit Award



SJSU Museum of Art and Design Competition Honorable Mention



Pentagon National Memorial Competition Jury Selection



Visions on Track: San Diego Pedestrian Overpass Ideas Competition First Prize



Chinese Railroad Worker Exhibit installation design, Niles Canyon Railway



Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, San Francisco



SouperGreen, A+D Museum


Small Firms, Great Projects, AIA National Convention, San Francisco



Pasadena/Foothill AIA Awards



National Building Museum, Washington D.C.